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     Elaina Deva Proffitt  

Author Spiritual Grief & Loss Counselor * Speaker Teacher AfterLife Communicator

Grief and Loss Counselor  Speaker Writer

Afterlife Communicator 

(lilac art by Sabrina Wheeler)

A Grief & Loss Counselor Writer and Speaker working with those in transition and comforting the grieving. I have found there are many ways of grieving personally and when working with others for 30 years. There is no set time for grieving to end we carry the loss through life but can come to a better place with patience, new understanding the meaning of life an death. The knowing that our loved ones are safe with angels.  



 Saying Goodbye                    

 We all grieve differently  there is no set time or way to do this.    

When a loved one dies we do not stop feeling the powerful impact That they have had upon our Life. The history that you created together is still there and will remain all through our life. 

It takes time to heal grieving is a process that each person experiences in an unique way While in these moments of pain it is hard to embrace that death is an ending with a new beginning. 

Just trust there will come a time to reunite once more. Until that moment arrives we must live this life fully without guilt as our loved ones want us to do  and our reunion  will arrive in the "Twinkling of an Eye"  it is just a change of worlds...

 Elaina Deva Proffitt  


There is no death...Only a change of worlds

-Chief Seattle

I can't even remember how I met Elaina Deva Proffitt but it was many years before her book came out. I remember being in a very dark place in my life; I had lost my 22-year-old daughter and 10-month-old grandson to a brutal Domestic Violence Murder in 2006, but this was many years after that.

When we connected with each other I had so many questions that I needed answers to. One thing you must know up front is; you can?t ask a spiritual counselor/medium, clairvoyant if you aren?t prepared to hear the truth. At least not where Elaina is concerned because she is the real deal. I say that now because I didn?t know that at the time.  Not only did she tell me the truth, some of it was what I was hoping not to hear, other parts were very comforting to hear after I had time to digest all the information. There were things that even my closest friends had no idea about.

Elaina wrote about my daughter and grandson in her book, so I was excited to read it when it came out, not just because they were in it but because I knew about the amazing work she has done for violent crime victims. I thought I knew her story well; I found out I knew nothing once I started reading the book. This book grabbed my attention through the many twists and turns of Elaina?s life.

There were times I was amazed at the work she has done with law enforcement to help solve murder cases because I know what a gift that is to the families she has helped solve the cases for. My experience with families of murder victims is on a heart to heart level as their peer and when I come home I am emotionally exhausted. When I read what she experiences both mentally and physically to help solve these cases I found myself so humbled; I have nothing to complain about because being tired is nothing now that I have read what it takes out of Elaina; physically, mentally & spiritually, yet she knows that going into it and does it anyways.

There were times when I wept for her and what she went through; and wished that she was beside me, so I could just hug her for a while and comfort her.  Her writing makes you feel like you are there with her, on this journey and you just want to protect her because she is such a special soul. Her near-death experience had me riveted to every word on the pages. She was blessed with a gift that could only come from God, and she has used that gift to do only good with it. I absolutely loved this book. I have even begun to read it a second time because it is such a fascinating read. I have realized I missed things the first time around, so it is as exciting to read it again as it was the first time I opened the book. I would recommend (and have) this book to anyone who is interested in the spiritual world, life after death, Heaven or anyone that just wants a good book to read.  This is the book for you.   

Dayna Herroz

Violent Loss Survivor   Peer Advocate/Violent Loss

Just a few of the precious souls I was blessed to help

Too many throughout the years to post..but always in my heart


"When I lost my husband in 2007 she was with both of us during his last days.Kelly was skeptic about her abilities  but in the end, when he came home under Hospice Care she is the person he asked for to help him "Cross Over." Thanks to her he had a quiet and peaceful passing.She is sought after nationwide for her expertise.She is not only an outstanding spiritual counselor but is a caring and compassionate person and our professional relationship has turned into a personal friendship that I cherish."

Chris Lott Reno NV   


Kendall & Thelma Vaughn 

"Thank you so much for being there for all of us at Dad's passing. The ritual ceremony you performed to encourage his spirit to cross over was very magical and surreal. I'll never forget the sensation of Dad's spirit so strong around us and the instantaneous temperature drop in the chamber at the moment we knew he had crossed over. It felt like a fresh breeze blowing indicating an ending and a new beginning for all of us. 

We will always treasure that moment and thank you for making Dad's final send off a priceless memory. 

Much love to you! 

Kendalls kids."