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Quotes "I was diagnosed with lung cancer..Was it real? I don't know to this day what I do know is I swam with the Dolphins many times leading up to the day for the biopsy..I told the tech "Don't be surprised if it gone. I've been swimming with the Dolphins and Deva." It could happen, right? It did. There was nothing left to sample. It was gone.. Thank You Deva for your enchanting journey. I will always be grateful for that meditation"...Lady Jay Quotes
Lady Jay
Dolphin Dreams Meditation CD

Quotes Diva, you are always insightful and inspiring, thank you for keeping us on track. I love listening to your show. Quotes
Lady Jay
Host of Broad View Talk

Quotes ..to my Deva Light..in the most simple way ..this is exactly who you are..a Diva of Light..a bringer of message and love, leading people to light! Thank you for all you do, your medicine is Big! Nyee.. Quotes
Nyee Moses

Quotes you are truly tapped in with divine source.you are an amazing Channel of divine source and I was in much need of your medicine. You have gave me so much insight and I am forever grateful, Goddess! Quotes
Shine Blackhawk
Thank you for your Medicine~

Quotes Deva, thank you so much for your insight and vision. It has proved invaluable and you were dead on. You pretty much confirmed the suspicions I had all along. If you ever need me, know that you can always count on me. I'm just a phone call away. Quotes

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