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Quotes TESTIMONIAL -Elaina Deva Proffitt In my heart and my mind I took great comfort in the words Elaina shared with me and the answers she gave me brought a measure of peace to my heart. Had I not met Elaina I would still be struggling with this but she put my mind at ease. She is the real deal, someone I trust with my loved ones memories here on earth, and someone I can turn to when I am confused or need some direction. I am eternally grateful to her. Sincerely Dayna Herroz Peer Advocate/Violent Loss San Diego, CA 92143 Quotes
Dayna Herrozz
Mother of Daughter and Grandson Murdered

Quotes My beautiful 25yo sister passed away last summer. I'll never understand why her destiny had to be so short, cos she was such a golden heart and a talented singer. And then Deva was right there for me, she had the right words to comfort my painful soul. She wiped my tears and sent us so much light...Deva created a very beautiful page on her site "Sofia rest in peace" ...God is good. Her cd album came out and Deva added Sofia's song on the RIP page. Thank you Deva, Je t'aime <3 I love you all. Be in the light. Peace, Dorothée Belgium - Europe Quotes

Quotes "Elaina has been a source of knowledge that compares to no other. She guides us in ways that allows us to further tap into our own intuitive power as well as to honor our soul's desire for fullness. She is a masterful teacher who through her expertise and talent will lead you on a path that opens your eyes, to see a wonderful journey of living!" Service Category: Career Coach Year first hired: 2013 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity --Reno NV --August 2014 Quotes
T. C.

Quotes Deva, since out phone session,not only have we sold our house but I have found and bought the perfect new home near my daughter and granddaughter. I can't express how grateful I am... Lorna Bevan 92-2014 Quotes
Lorna Bevan

Quotes Thank you, Deva, for your magic and your great gifts-my homework starts now! - 8-25-2014 Quotes
Lorna Bevan

Quotes Thank you so much for seeing me. I feel like a whole new world has been opened up for me. You are such a gift from the heavens and I am grateful for you. You knew me from the second I walked in the door and knew what I needed most and I love you. I also give much thanks for the recommendations you sent, and all the homework..lol and tasks which you have given me. It will truly be part of a new life and I can't wait to get it all cleansed, detoxified and in order as it should be. This will be a task that will take awhile because there is much here to do and just get rid of even. But I am looking forward to it and the energy and comfort I will receive in my home when it is accomplished, even as I am doing it. Peace, Light, Hope, Blessings and Love to you, ~Jana W. 8-5-2014 Quotes

Quotes You are literally an angel. Today needed this, big turning point for me, you were inspired. So, so happy to receive! Sending my blessings to you dear friend, you helped me in my life more than you realize Sending my light to you as well this day, glad we crossed paths, you are a special woman with special talents, thanks for sharing with me! You are that angel GOD sent to me today, that I prayed for. Quotes

Quotes "Thank you so much for being there for all of us at Dad?s passing. The ritual ceremony you performed to encourage his spirit to cross over was very magical and surreal. I?ll never forget the sensation of Dad?s spirit so strong around us and the instantaneous temperature drop in the chamber at the moment we knew he had crossed over. It felt like a fresh breeze blowing indicating an ending and a new beginning for all of us. We?ll always treasure that moment and thank you for making Dad?s final send off a priceless memory. Much love to you! Kendall?s kids." Quotes
Kendall's Kids
Funeral Ceremony

Quotes "Deva, I wanted you to know that you are truly a light, in an excruciatingly dark world. From my heart......Thank you Deva" Cassandra-Noelle Quotes

Quotes "I was diagnosed with lung cancer..Was it real? I don't know to this day what I do know is I swam with the Dolphins many times leading up to the day for the biopsy..I told the tech "Don't be surprised if it gone. I've been swimming with the Dolphins and Deva." It could happen, right? It did. There was nothing left to sample. It was gone.. Thank You Deva for your enchanting journey. I will always be grateful for that meditation"...Lady Jay Quotes
Lady Jay
Dolphin Dreams CD

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