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Posted by Deva Whispers on June 4, 2013 at 8:43 PM

This photo is of the last an EF-5 tornado the highest, most dangerous, rarest classification. This is the second EF-5 tornado to strike near the Oklahoma City area in El Reno less than a month.

The devestation in Texas and Oklahoma has effected many of us who know what it is like to have the Weatherman pointing at the map and saying "Get ready to take cover!" Tornado's bring humility at the time they are hovering around near you and brings you cloer to God while sitting in your closet or bathtub. Its a time of intense energies right now and the weather is a perfect expample of such. For we are all intertwined with the elements and our bodies, emotions and thoughts and people are in high stress and drama these days. 

WE HAVE HAD NON STOP TORNADO'S SOME F-5'S Flying around out there for a month. The destruction has been mind blowing and it is bringing out the compassion in people and So many are reaching out to help in these destructive area's, Moore Oklahoma, Granbury Hood country Texas floods in San Antonio with it massive floods.

I must tell you we all have stress at this time in Texas and other area's in Tornado Alley. While these events are going on there are certain things we are always doing...

One of them is watching the sky!

 God Bless All of You in All of the County's and States that has been Hit in such a horrific way!

you are welcome to share a comment about your experience or for support of those who have suffered!!


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