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Elaina Deva Proffitt Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling  Workshops

"Know that there is a Blessing hidden in every trial that has come into your life

The key is that you must be willing to open your heart to see them Take some quiet time to go within and listen to the whispers that will reveal the answers"

ॐ मणिपद्मे हूं, 

At an early age Elaina Deva would discover that she has always had One foot on earth and One in Heaven

and the ability to "see"and "feel

" others on many levels. 

She did not know her family history or the unusual abilities that would come through her bringing many unusual experiences


Her Journey through life growing up as a psychic child with strong abilities would bring travels into the world of the paranormal activating her powerful Natural "gifts" bringing strangers to her door who were suffering grieving from the loss of a loved one and some even dying. 

Little did she know this path would later in life take her down a road that would lead to her own Near Death Experience 

One Foot on Earth One in Heaven

It's May and the Lilacs are Blooming 

© 20011
Elaina Deva Proffitt

Heart Drop Publications 


Pain Control:

Sharing the pain control techniques she became of aware of while going through this most mysterious event. 

Balancing the Body Mind and Emotions: all are a most important part of healing our lives in so many ways.  

:she assists in bringing new understanding arriving in the clients life and the changes needed to become more in harmony, instilling new understanding and  confidence to assist in understanding  using her Intuitive abilities 

She also has counseled those who are ministers, priests, nuns those of all faiths. 

Business Coach 

Assists with changes in personnel, business concepts, empowerment workshops for staff 

ॐ मणिपद्मे हूं, 

Spiritual Counseling

Elaina Deva Proffitt 

Afterlife Communicator

Speaker Workshops

NDE Counselor


Clairvoyant -  Medium 

- Teacher - Channel - 

                                                               Light Worker -

Angel  Readings 

Wellness Practioner

Spiritual Grief and Loss Counselor 


"Signs & Visitations" 

Families of Victims of Violent Crimes

assisting the families to be open 

to seeing and feeling 


Messages from their Loved Ones



Heart Drop Publications 


Elaina Deva Proffitt

Medical Intuitive, Channel, 

Clairvoyant, Medium, 

Grief and Loss Counselor Speaker 

A nationally and internationally recognized intuitive counselor she is frequently sought out for the accuracy of her intuitive gifts & mediumship abilities and uplifting workshops.

 Medical Intuitive-Energy medicine restoring balance includes; physical, emotional, mental, your surroundings and spiritual energies.

As a respected Spiritual "energy medicine practitioner" for 30 years she has worked with those in all walks of life and beliefs using her spiritual gifts; clairvoyance, emphatic abilities and her deep insight regarding to how to use life's cycles of time that we are all given. Empowering Sessions

Known as the "Teacher's Teacher and the Healer's Healer "

World Traveler and has lived in Paris France and Mexico City

Since her Near Death Experience

in 1986 she has had a large Grief and Loss Practice using her abilities as a strong medium and has worked in conjunction with those in deep physical and emotional pain also with traditional therapists and medical professionals since 1986. 

 Finding her healing abilities enhanced since her NDE she also works with those who are in Hospice using her abilities to help soothe. 

Her Book on her Near Death Experience will be published soon

Heart Drop Publications 


As a wellness practitioner

she enjoys sharing her NDE with Health Care Professionals on dying and her pain control techniques she became of aware of while going through this most mysterious event.

"Many of us now..are emerging from the in between..

We have arrived at the next door..a portal that will take 

us to the next direction upon our path and those 

who will walk with us   ©2014

-Elaina Deva 


ॐ मणिपद्मे हूं, 

Please Note: 

This does not replace your Medical Doctor or Traditional Therapist

Working with your Doctor and restoring balance using stress relieving tools 

allows the body to focus more upon the body mind heart.