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  Deva Whispers * Elaina Deva Proffitt * 

Author Spiritual Grief & Loss Counselor * Speaker Teacher AfterLife Communicator

Elaina Deva Proffitt 

Author Speaker Teacher 

Spiritual Counseling Speaker,

Grief & Loss Counselor

Families of Violent Loss

"Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Light"

The true story of a woman with unusual abilities who finds strength, the power of love and strong faith at a time when suddenly,the road of life takes a dark turn on a cold November night bringing her into the Valley and Shadow of Death. 

She soon finds herself in a new town surrounded by loving people, some who were dying and rapidly entering into the world of danger, murder, pain and prophecy. 

While suffering in agonizing pain soon angelic strangers appearing in many disguises; Healer, Homicide Detectives and Catholic Priest helping and quietly protecting her.  

Realizing she was fighting for her life standing at “Deaths door” her search for the Doctors to save her who would arrive in a most wondrous way.  

A Near Death Experience bringing a Journey into a beautiful light that would enhance the Spiritual gifts she was given at birth... 

Uplifting Autobiography 

Body Mind Spirit, Death & Dying, Near Death Experience true stories  Grief Loss, Angels, Spiritual Journey, True Crime,Murder Pain and Prophecy 

Healing .