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     Elaina Deva Proffitt  

Author Spiritual Grief & Loss Counselor * Speaker Teacher AfterLife Communicator

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It's May & the Lilacs are Blooming

One Foot on Earth and One in Heaven

Author  Elaina Deva Proffitt 

The true story of a woman with unusual abilities who finds strength, the power of love, and an unshakable faith in the transcendent power of good over evil.

Her life takes a dark turn on a cold November night, bringing her into the Valley of the Shadow of Death. She soon finds herself in a new town surrounded by loving people... some of whom are spending their last days on earth and rapidly entering into a world filled with danger, murder, pain, and prophecy.

While suffering agonizing pain, angelic strangers appear in many disguises; healers, homicide detectives, and a Catholic priest helping and quietly protecting her. Her angels protect her, even as doctors join them to save her life in a most wondrous way. A near death experience brings her journey into a beautiful light that enhances the spiritual gifts she was given at birth, revealing a new understanding of the mystery of what we call life, death and the prophecy of  things to come.

Finding herself standing before angelic beings, there would be given a message with one of the most powerful decisions to be made in her life and the work that would be given should she return  

This is an uplifting autobiography, the story of one woman's search for peace as she learns to use her extraordinary psychic gifts to help solve crimes, bring peace to grieving families, and reassure us all that there are angels among us.

All of her life she had forgotten the words spoken as a young child to her grandmother while placing lilacs in a crystal vase not knowing they would become prophetic years down the road… just as those whispered to her by a beautiful woman in a Russian Tea Room reading her palm when she was in her early twenties.