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"In this world there are those who are healers and teachers in many ways.

Here I will be sharing some of them with you. May you all be Healers and Teachers

to those around You, making this world a better place for All people."

   Dr. Sam Abdul-Rahim, MD

Dr. Rahim is a respected surgeon who works

with complex serious eye issues. 

He has an extensive background in this field  


 Ophthalmic Specialties

Oculplastic Surgery, Neuro-Ophthalmology 


1201 Summet Ave . Fort Worth TX



  Dr. Massaru Emoto

July 22, 1943 -October 17th 2014

Rest in Peace 




 Shari Floyd and Music Artist Lacy J Dalton 

in the Studio after my show! 


 Protecting the wild Mustangs and Burros in Nevada

Wynema Ranch 

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