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 NDE Grief & Loss Counselor 
Gifted Medical Intuitive, Grief and Loss Counselor

Life Coach  Light Worker and Channel 

  As a respected Spiritual and Grief & Loss counselor,  "energy medicine practitioner" for 30 years she has worked with those in all walks of life and beliefs using her spiritual gifts; clairvoyance, emphatic abilities and her deep insight as to how to use life's cycles of time that we are all given. 
She has a world wide Clientele. Throughout the years She also has counseled those who are ministers, priests, nuns those of all faiths. Called the "Teachers Teacher" the "Healers Healer" 
It is her belief that the Truth comes down to Love Compassion Giving and Accepting all people 


"A flower unfolds to the best of its ability due to the conditions around it.

And so do you - you unfold to the best of your ability."

~Kuan Yin 

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  • "Diva, you are always insightful and inspiring, thank you for keeping us on track. I love listening to your show."
    Lady Jay
    Host of Broad View Talk
  • "Elaina, I have known you for some time through Facebook and I am always amazed and inspired by the light you shine so brightly . i listened tonight to your radio show and you ha..."
    Yvonne Taylor
    Radio show listener
  • "You are such a refreshing change from most psychics. Not only are your observations spot on, they're delivered candidly and without all the "mumbo-jumbo" ! Love working with y..."
    Dallas Psychic Fair's Best Psychic